How To Edit/Extract/Import/Reimport XWB Sound For GAME

Tutorial How To Edit/Import/Reimport XWB Sound For GAME Using Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool (XACT)
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Hello Everyone in this tutorial i will show you how to modded sound in game like Bully SE OR similiar to bully called renderware or gamebryo based game, Maybe It work for any other game. This Tutorial for English Version.

First We need some Tools for editing and extracting.
Audacity Base wav editing
Directx SDK to Make XWB
quickbms for import/reimport
HXD for replacing xwb tag

now we need to extract XWB data from Music.bin located in D:\Rockstar Games\Bully\audio\PLAYLI2.9Music.bin
to do that make new folder, then copy all Music.bin and Music.lst to folder were created dont forget to install Directx SDK and extract quickbms to project folder.

now create new text document then paste all quickbms script below,
open FDDE bin 0
open FDDE lst 1

idstring Hash
get FILES long

for i = 0 < FILES
   get FILEHASH long
   get OFFSET long
   get SIZE long
   getct NAME string 0x0D 1
   get TXT byte 1
   set XSBN string NAME
   string XSBN -= 4
   string XSBN += .xsb
   set XWBN string NAME
   string XWBN -= 4
   string XWBN += .xwb
   set XWBOFF long OFFSET
   math XWBOFF += 0x800
   set XWBSIZE long SIZE
   math XWBSIZE -= 0x800
   log XSBN OFFSET 0x800
next i
rename text document to

for later use Create Shortcut by right clicking quickbms.exe then click Create Shortcut
then edit Shortcut Target to do that right click the Shortcut you created then click properties
then add -r -w in target file

"D:\Bully Audio Ripping Tools\quickbms.exe" -r -w
then click Apply, this is for reimport extracted file back to the Music.bin but later.

lets open quickbms.exe then point to the for the input archive point choose Music.bin then make new folder for Output place extracted file in there.
after extracting is complete now go to file where you want to edit EG:MS_RunningLow.xwb

open it up with hxd editor now but dont close it

now lets make wav file in audacity, this step is important if you using unsuported wav file XACT tool will not recognized your file as unsupported file format , to avoid that export only for PCM 16 bit with 22050 for project bit-rate.
dont oversize your wav file for example your wav bigger than the original one it will replace entire archive in the Music.bin, so watch the size be smart for compressing the sound in XACT dont using XWMA or xma because it's not support for bully.
you can using Effect Normalize to reduce the amount of db to -1 db and the Compress Effect to reduce the sound effect to 1 db or -db but the volume to low in game so dont reduce to much of the db or your sound volume will look noisy.
now export wav file with format signed PCM 16-bit and make sure your project rate has been set to 22050 hz , as you can see a project rate can be changed in the bottom left corner.

okey so lets import your wav to the Xact audio before importing your wav make new project then make sure you have been set to the project folder we created before now go make new folder inside there name it directx_project , create new wave bank rename it with the same the name like you open in to HXD , then click twice the wave bank and a window will now open in the window insert new wave bank by right clickin on an empty area jst point to wav file you have been exported from Audacity rename your wave with the same name like i told you before make new wave bank then open.
now click the wave bank in the window , dont worry about sound bank and cue we dont need that, just click wav file in the wave bank window see the compression is to high it bad for game but as you can see there is an option for compressing and we didnt create compression yet so lets create new compression in the left side right click compression presset create new rename it to my compression in the option set to ADPCM with 128 now see there are two option compression presset one in wave bank and other in wav file change it to my compression to do that left click compression presset on both of wave bank and wave file choose to my compression. again watch the compression do not oversize if the size is to high for little bit you can force import later in quickbms.

now build the main project make sure the project view is for windows not XBOX , just build project .
after that open it up with HXD . In HXD you see the header offset are same as the original one but wee need to replace some offset.
now switch to the original file window select offset from 0 to f then copy , switch again to your costum XWB then select same offset as the original the paste insert after that safe file as dont overwrite i warned you !
replace original make sure backup the entire file. this step is done let's get over to the fun part !
before we go to next part make sure close all opened windows an then save all work before leaving because this part to heavy for importing bak to the archive.

now click Reimport shortcut you been created before point and open like you exctacting file and input to Music.bin then again point to extracted file In the Output folder NOT SELECTING indiviual one because it will stoping you for importing just point the folder only.
EDITED: you can do import individual file by selecting another folder with a few file !

dont close or dont do anything stupid just wait for complete importing file, after it's done then copy Music.bin where you put in project folder.
copy to the folder in the root audio game folder as the same previous process.

Start the game, if there is something going well you can hear your modded sound. you can hear modified sound in the specific area like MS_RunningLow is for Outside of building or default music of Bully it playing all time you play the game.
E_ComicShopMX it is for the Comic Shop Store Inside and Outside of building but in disgnated area ,you can edit like in this tutorial.

let me know if you have success modded your sound in the comment bellow or you can ask me if something goes wrong in a part of tutorial.
thank's for reading.

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